IBM Champion nominations are opened!!

This year is a strange year from my point of view because is the first year without Collaboration Solution.,  a real driven for our community and I start to think about how many good people I will miss in the next year. Below the list of the categories: Data & AI (Analytics) Blockchain Cloud Cloud Integration IoT Power Systems Security Storage IBM Z Other - my area isn't listed here. If you are interested to learn more about the program contact me and I will tell you how to join this amazing team. If you want to nominate someone click the link below:

Application Modernization Hursley Summit 2019: WebSphere Liberty, Our driver!

Primeur is excited to participate in this event because one year ago we started our journey to cloud and Liberty was our driver. Why WebSphere Liberty? Let me share some of the important things you should be aware of. Liberty is Born in the cloud era. From day 0, Liberty had cloud in its veins! Available to all Operating Systems with the same administration experience on Linux, Windows, Unix and z/OS Easy to install: unzip / tar /pax and you are ready to work Modular and flexible to drive your legacy applications to the cloud Native Docker Support and in the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications The agenda includes many talks. We do not want to miss the following: Liberty - Your Java Runtime for All Occasions by Graham Charters We are always looking forward to new topics and trends. Let me share what we are looking forward to: IBM Cloud Pak: Before cloud paks, at Primeur we spent weeks creating and maintaining our middleware layer under the

Re"think"ing about Think2019

I love joking around titles name, is always fun : ) Well..  great days, two years in a row and IBM is continuosly doing well in every cloud aspect but let me be specific. DAY 1: Community Day Embracing and driving the community is one of the key point for IBM, you can't do anything without a good community and also good speaker to share knowledge and vision about the incoming year! My champion managers Libby and Sarah are doing well like always ( I can't forget the face of Sarah on how was tired that day!! Great job Sarah! ) Another note is for project Debater , I remember the enormous spam when Google AI did a phone call to take an appointment for an hair cut, what we can do now when you discuss with an AI about economics and social topics!? Kudos to Harish Natarajan for his debate! DAY 2:  Chairman Keynote Clear, Direct, Simple skills difficult to manage when you facing thousand of people that you need to inspire and drive but this what Ginny Rometty is doing over

IBM and Red Hat long story, long love, now married!

Most of the people thinking about opensource they think in my perspective mostly to Red Hat and other company rather than IBM. IBM is really active in opensource for a long time, helped Apache Foundation , Eclipse Foudation collaborate with the Linux Foundation and Red Hat as well. I think I can create a different long post to describe how is active and how helped opensource in different way. We can analyze  this acquisition from different perspective, from Financial to  Development. My personal point of view ( from a Cloud Architect ) most of the application around the world in banking, assurance and not only are java based, think about java in cloud in the past Year could be hard. Right now we can talk about java in the cloud with opensource project like OpenJ9 and OpenLiberty and the community behind. If you think about moving from on premise to cloud or from monolitch to microservice you can't say " well it's time to rework " because you are throwing years o

Cloud Native Meetup Milan

Well, I enjoyed this meetup as a speaker and I love the effort from Jacopo Nardiello between family, work and community things in general. In this tweet you can feel it! I was honored as IBM Champion to speak and share my knowledge on Istio and I hope to share more information on IBM Cloud Private and IBM Kubernetes as a service in the future! Thanks Jacopo! Well Done!

IBM Cloud Private 3.1

New version and support of new componentes like IstioMesh 1.0 is available on IBM Cloud Private 3.1 as described here . New feature includere in version 3.1: Scalability improvements to 5,000 nodes Enhanced storage support for vSAN and Object Storage Helm-based install eases Day 2 management of IBM Cloud Private system components Full Istio 1.0 support New OS support: SLES and Ubuntu Operational dashboards now include storage and networking views Catalog and Command Line Interface consumability improvements Hourly pricing support for WebSphere and MQ container deployments IBM Cloud Private Readiness and Compliance Cloud Automation Manager supports z/VM® and Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor deployments; Terraform® configurations for IBM Cloud Private for VMware, scaling of IBM Cloud Private Kubernetes Clusters, IBM Kubernetes Service, workloads into public clouds via HTTP I'll dig into in the next days!

Kubernetes Persistent Volumes and Claims

In a distrubuted system, storage isn't simple to manage without a good abstraction, kubernetes offer an object called persistent volume to let pod to reclaim storage for persisting data. In the pod definition you can define your volume type with another object called persistentVolumeClaim where you can define type size and many other things. There are different phase in the persistent storage lifecycle: Provisioning : when an administrator create a Persistent Volume or a cloud resource dynamically request Binding : when a PVC is created  k8s control loop watch if there are Persisten Volume matching the PVC  and bind them together. Use : when the bound volume is mounted in to the pod Releasing : whene the POD is done and an API request is sent to delete the related bound PVC, the volume in this stage remains Reclaim : there are three options related to this state: - Retain:  keep data interact and allow an administrato to handle data from storage - Delete:  tells the volume