Happy Easter Think2018!


I spent a full week to recover myself from time zone change, my baby in the first three night woke me up because he want to sleep with me. Was really hard to recover myself this time but I'm really happy and honored to attend this great event.

It's clear at Think the most important aspects are:

  1. AI
  2. Data Management
  3. Security
From my point of view Security is always first but AI and good Data Management can help Security as well.
We don't forget an important topic:
  • Cloud
without Cloud is difficult to take the advantage of AI and Data Management services if you are a small medium company, and now we are ready to step into this new era!
From my perspective ( most technical ) I attended most of the cloud sessions and labs. 

I was honered to meet in my 1 to 1 executive meeting Daniel Berg, we discussed about the important role of Cloud Native in modernize customer Application and Infrastructure also he shared some lessons learned in the past years in his amazing journey.

Note, I use the term "journey" because cloud native is a always learning trip, is something of new and we don't be scared about fail, because fail is an important part of your "learning journey"!
A big kudos to Lin Sun and the amazing work she is doing on Istio, I really enjoyed Istio Lab ( my favorite lab in all IBM event I attended  ), if you are lucky to meet her you can feel how she is knowlegable and committed in her work.

Finally another two kudos, first kudos is for Hertz story, I was affascinated by this customer because was deeply engaged with IBM Cloud Garage team in learn and modernize in respect of the business needs, I hope IBM spreading this story!
Last kudos but always important, IBM Champion round table discussion, ideal to learn and share, my favorite round table not only for the topic but for the people attended was the node-red table.

Special thanks to Libby Ingrassia and other Champion Manager Comitee ( Alan Hamilton, Sarah Cogley and more.. ) to make it possible!


Continue my learning journy on IBM Cloud Private and mix some node-red things learned! ( thanks John Jardin )


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