New job new life same commitment

Many of my ICS friends (and non ICS) knew about my work change.

Goodbye IBM Collaboration products and welcome CLOUD world!

I accepted a new exciting work as Cloud System Administrator in ACER!

In the past year and half I spent most of my energies in Cloud and Cloud Native topics. Lot of time around IBM Cloud,  Kubernetes, Docker and in the last Six month my favorite topic Istio ( Service Mesh ) and Envoy!

Without my Journey with ICS Producs, without Pink Project, without the IBM roadmap in contenerize everything, I'm sure, I would not be here to write this post.

Only one word, thanks!

Thanks to my ICS friends.
Thanks to IBM.
Thanks to all those who supported me.

My commitment is the same just the scope is changed.

Thank you!

Zurich IBM Cloud Private Bootcamp

I was lucky in these days to meet good people at IBM Zurich,  I enjoyed tech sales overview about the state of the market and what IBM is doing to be in the market.

Only one word, containerize, containerize, containerize,containerize.... Containerize as much as possible everything.

Without this process you can't enjoy some IBM product in a cloud native way.

Now let's talk about bootcamp by Philippe Thomas from IBM France, roadmap was straightforward :
Introduction to IBM Cloud PrivateDemonstrationTechnical OverviewInstalling IBM Cloud Private LabUsing the ConsoleDocker Overview and LabKubernetes Overview and LabHelm and LabCloud FoundryApplication Patterns for ICPMircroserviceBuilder LabsContinuous Integration/Delivery & LabMonitoring and DemoCloud Automation Manager & DemoConclusion At a first look could be a long list but you have all the information to start from zero and with the same material / labs you can also do the same in your company with your colleague, isn&…

Happy Easter Think2018!


I spent a full week to recover myself from time zone change, my baby in the first three night woke me up because he want to sleep with me. Was really hard to recover myself this time but I'm really happy and honored to attend this great event.

It's clear at Think the most important aspects are:

AIData ManagementSecurity From my point of view Security is always first but AI and good Data Management can help Security as well. We don't forget an important topic: Cloud without Cloud is difficult to take the advantage of AI and Data Management services if you are a small medium company, and now we are ready to step into this new era! From my perspective ( most technical ) I attended most of the cloud sessions and labs. 
I was honered to meet in my 1 to 1 executive meeting Daniel Berg, we discussed about the important role of Cloud Native in modernize customer Application and Infrastructure also he shared some lessons learned in the past years in his amazi…

Heart of Kubernetes: The API Server

Kubernetes API Server is the heart of everything. When you change something from the kubernetes or ICP dashboard you interact with the k8s API server via REST call.

kubectl or bx command line tool interact directly with the API Server, for example:
kubectl get namespaces NAME STATUS AGE default Active 1d kube-system Active 1d kube-public Active 1d if you run the same command with the -v9 parameter you can get debug information.

as you can see in the image a rest call was made from kubeclt client and in the output you can find the related curl command.

You can do the same via browser by exposing api server temporaly with this command

kubectl proxy --port=8080

and in the browser you will see your namespace in json format

These information are located in the etcd database, in other words k8s API server expose method to read and update etcd database and change the state of the cluster. In this way you can manipulate service, deployment and many other k8s stuf…

Kubernetes Network

As many of you know kubernetes architecture is composed by two main component Master node and Worker node, when you start your first kubernetes installation  you need to setup these components but after you finish to run your commands you realize your cluster isn’t ready to run pod because you need to install your network plugin! Yes, kubernetes doesn’t provide any network solution but use plugin instead, common plugins are:

•Container Network Interface, standard under CNCF that aim to provide a common interface
between various networking solutions and container runtimes

A network plugin by default has some requirements:

•All pod can communicate with each other across nodes
•All nodes can communicate with all pods
•No Nat is required

So basically kubernetes assign a virtual IP address to setup routing and network, the things we need to keep in mind in kubernetes the lowest compute unit is not the container but the pod ( a group of container ) on network perspective we need to…

Dominojam2025 Milan what a nice event!

Most of the people that know me can say I'm not a Domino Expert, but this face to face in IBM Milan helped me to understand not only the future of Domino, Verse and Sametime but how the interaction between IBM, Customers and Business Partner is changing. I really enjoyed the design thinking aproach to identify priority, problems and improvements. Presentation of HCL people was great and I think they are realizing how the "Silently" Domino community and Customers are a lot across all country in the world! When you talk with HCL people you can feel the entusiasm they have about this new complex mission!
I don't agree when some people said we are too late in change and empower domino, I personally thinking if a product is well designed that product isn't late anymore anytime..
I hope to hear some fresh news in Domino, Verse and Sametime at Think2018!

Proud to be part of the IBM Champion group!

I'm very proud to be part of this great group of expert people! This is my first year as IBM Champion and I would say thank you to all people voted me and trusted me!
I have many things in my 2018 roadmap to learn about Cloud and ICS and I can't wait to test all new things!
Thank you!