I can simply say “it was a great experience” and based on the audience probably people can trust me, but let's go deeper into the event. My favorite part of the event was the panel session with cloud discussions and question answer about slides and example presented during the session.
Based on discussion the most relevant general questions are:
  • Adoption: best practices on adopting cloud technologies
  • Development: how to develop cloud applications in the right way and how we can enable fresh people into this great world
IBM and Forrester gave a lot of answers because there are different aspects and factors we need to cover when we talk about cloud development and adoption, let me share some of these:
  • Security: 12 factor principle is the main manifesto to follow
  • Digital Experience: in cloud you need to create applications user centric
  • Performance: in cloud you need to give best experience to the end user in every part of the world
  • Microservice: rework of the legacy applications respecting clound native principles
Another thiing covered in the pannel session was the missing presence of big cloud vendor for enterprise customers in Switzerland, and also we covered some legal aspect related on how it works data and security management in Switzerland ( legal rules ) but the big news for these customers is IBM with IBM Cloud Private can give cloud services based on their datacenters in Switzerland. With this offering IBM can help and drive cloud adoption for these customers, thanks for this big news to @philippspaeti

Special thanks to IBM Switzerland to make this event possible we need to encourage adoption and mentoring about this technologies.

Below some cool images about the event:

Cloud Adoption and Cloud Garage

Dave Lindquist @D_Lindquist Bala Rajaraman @bala_rajaraman 

Ndu Emuchay approach to transformation

Hybrid? that's why!

And this what I liked from forrester presentation by Michael Facemire


  1. They are spot-on with the '12-factor-first' approach to cloud architecture. This is how our firm approaches it too. When you have a chance, I would suggest reading this post: - yes it is a little older, but the way the author puts a disposition on each of the 12 factors really helps us when both describing to customers in presales, but also when working with clients during implementation. We have a slightly adapted version of the same, but it is definitely worth helping customers make practical decisions as it relates to frameworks so they do not become dismissive before they give something a chance.

    Thank you for sharing your experience there, as we all couldn't make the trip. :)


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