Last steps to install IBM Cloud Private v2.1

And finally my first installation is done! These are my steps.

Verify docker daemon is running on all server
systemctl status docker

Load IBM Cloud Private images in docker registry
tar xf /sw/ibm-cloud-private-x86_64-2.1.0.tar.gz -O | sudo docker load

Create a folder to run the docker image keep in mind this is the root folder of your installation
mkdir /opt/ibm-cp-app-mod-2.1.0
cd /opt/ibm-cp-app-mod-2.1.0
docker run -v $(pwd):/data -e LICENSE=accept ibmcom/icp-inception:2.1.0-ee cp -r cluster /data

Modify /opt/ibm-cp-app-mod-2.1.0/cluster/hosts
This is what I did in my test lab





Copy ssh private key in
cp ~/.ssh/master.id_rsa /opt/ibm-cp-app-mod-2.1.0/cluster/ssh_key

Move the tar.gz image file under the folder images
cd /opt/ibm-cp-app-mod-2.1.0
mkdir -p cluster/images
mv /sw/ibm-cloud-private-x86_64-2.1.0.tar.gz  cluster/images/

Now we need to edit config.yaml in order to enable kibana and security advisory this is what I put

# Logging service configuration
   maxAge: 1
       size: 20Gi
       path: /opt/ibm/cfc/logging/elasticsearch
       size: 5Gi
       path: /opt/ibm/cfc/logging/logstash
     install: true

under this comments modify these three parameters

## Disabled Management Services Settings
## You can disable the following management services: ["metering", "monitoring"]

disabled_management_services: [""]
va_api_server_nodePort: 30610
va_crawler_enabled: true

and finally run the installation

 sudo docker run --net=host -t -e LICENSE=accept \
  -v $(pwd):/installer/cluster ibmcom/icp-inception:2.1.0-ee install

after one hour

Problems encountered:

On centos-7 ( operating system not supported ) docker autodeploy not working ,workaround was install docker manually and keep in mind to run your docker daemon with systemctl start docker.

Based on sizing 40gb  for proxy is the minimum requirement, but for unknown reasone I extend the partion from 40gb to 100gb to succesful install IBM Cloud Private.


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